New Year Challenge





CLEVELAND, TN:   As we enter 2017, the General Overseer of the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, Dr. Timothy M. Hill offered these comments:

“I wanted to take time today to wish our Church of God family and friends a blessed and prosperous New Year. 

At this time each year, many of us make New Years’ resolutions – most of which we forget by the second or third week of January. We resolve to eat better, read our Bible more, spend more time with family and friends, and a host of other good intentions. The problem, though, is that life often gets in the way of our resolutions and we quickly revert to our normal routine. 

This year I would like to encourage you to do more than make a New Years’ resolution. I would like to challenge you to make a New Years’ commitment – a FINISH Commitment. 

The FINISH Commitment is about fulfilling the commandment, often called the “Great Commission,” that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave us in Matthew 28:19 (NKJV) to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

The FINISH Commitment is made up of six integral and vital components:

FIND the lost and disenfranchised
INTERCEDE and pray for a lost world
NETWORK with others to reach everyone
INVEST our resources in strategic partnerships
SEND disciples to all nations to share the Gospel, and
HARVEST a world of souls that are dying without a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

A great opportunity for you to participate in the FINISH Commitment will be to join with the Church of God International Offices family in a three-day revival, scheduled for Tuesday, January 10 through Thursday, January 12, 2017. This revival, entitled “Agree 17,” will include morning chapel services led by Dr. Mark Rutland and evening prayer meetings led by me and Dr. Doug Small, the International Prayer Coordinator for the Church of God. These services, beginning at 10:45 am EST and 7:15 pm EST, will be live streamed at so that everyone can participate. As we come together in agreement and to intercede as a global church, I believe that we will hear from heaven and that God will begin to heal our land.

While you may want to make other resolutions this year, will you join with me and make a FINISH Commitment in 2017? Lost souls around the globe are desperately depending upon you. 

May your New Year be blessed as we work together to fulfill the FINISH Commitment.”



The Christmas Challenge

by James E. Cossey, Executive Administrator

American Christians have no trouble celebrating Christmas—we do it in great style.
From the tinsel and trees to the lights, lace, lavish gifts, and festival dinners, we love this holiday. The challenge is for us to not lose sight of the true reason for the season.

Celebration is certainly in order since the angels themselves celebrated the first
Christmas (Luke 2:8-­‐11) with the announcement of Christ’s birth! Nothing can be too ornate or extravagant for the King! Our challenge is not one of not celebrating, but one of how we will go about it as we do.

Don’t Leave Him Out
Can you imagine a party on your birthday with everyone invited and participating except you? Rarely would a celebration for a birthday be given to one who could not be present or who at least could not be formally recognized at the party. Yet it is possible to do the “Christmas thing” without any recognition of Jesus, and without Him even being invited to the party. Don’t forget who the guest of honor is for the celebration.

At our house, there will be lights—lots of them. Myrlene has the house decorated to
the ceiling! There will be more food than we can eat, gifts for everybody including the dog, as well as trees, tinsel, and hopefully some mistletoe! But there will also be the Christmas Story from Luke 2, and prayers, and quotations about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of the manger. There will be family, friends, and most of all…faith—faith in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of the Father, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.

Don’t Get Sidetracked
Each year, I am more and more concerned about Christians who allow ourselves to get onto bandwagons of protest and complaint against the various maladies of our culture. There will be those who will leave off Christian symbols, and some who insist on saying, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” What will we accomplish if we protest? Sure, our protest will show that we are not ashamed of Jesus, but will it demonstrate His love? Might it be better to season the bitter with a sweet response like, “Merry Christmas to you too,” and move on? I think so. Sometimes we can weaken the validity of our witness for Jesus by the tone of our witness for Jesus (think on that for a moment). Remember that our mission is the Great Commission. We are not called to change the culture (we are not called to adapt to it either!!); we are called to penetrate the culture with the life-­‐changing gospel of Christ. Our goal should not be to merely show the culture how wrong it is, but how right Christ is…and how much they need Him! We call that evangelism.

Challenge Teams

Предизвикателство има, когато правим нещо за първи път или е свързано с излизане от състояние на удобство и сигурност.
Предизвикателство е, когато се изисква посвещение на време в забързано ежедневие и жертва на финанси, които не са планувани.
Вярваме, че днес Бог поставя на пътя ни повече отвсякога предизвикателсвото да бъдем Църква Христова, на която е заповядано да разпространява Евангелието и да утвърждава ученици в Словото.
В изпълнение на Господното повеление, църква “Нов Живот” – Чикаго започва и желае да продължи да изпраща “Challenge Teams” до всички места в Америка, където има български църкви или установени домашни групи.
Целта е издигане на нови служители, утвърждаване и заздравяване на църквите, насърчение на вярващите, основаване на нови църкви, сплотяване и единство на българските евангелските общества в САЩ.
Вярваме, че Бог ще отвори врати за благовестие и много души ще дойдат до покаяние и спасение.

Нека да издигнем в пост и молитва следните групи, които че посетят посочените църкви на определените дати:
20-22 март, 2012 – Лас Вегас – 6 братя и сестри, ще бъдат в помощ на служението на малка, но много динамично развиваща се църква в град с толкова много предизвикатества.
23-27 март, 2012 – Минеаполис – 4 братя и сестри, които приемат предизвикателството на студена Минесота.
13-16 април, 2012 – Далас и Хюстън – 6 младежи, заедно с младежи от Далас ще посетят Хюстън, Тексас. Бог предизвиква ново поколение да поеме мантията.

И Бог да помогне това да е само началото.

пастори Владимир Георгиев и Станимир Танев