Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra Performs Bulgarian and American Music


The Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra performs a concert of Bulgarian and American music on Saturday, June 30, 7PM, at the Skokie Theater, 7924 N. Lincoln. Founder and Music Director Philip Simmons will conduct music of Marin Golimenov, Dimitar Nenov, John Williams and Aaron Copland. Bulgarian-American violinist Kamen Vatchev will be soloist, performing the popular “Sevdana” by composer Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin.
This concert is part of an ongoing series of cultural exchange with the Bulgarian community. For the June 30 concert seven professional Bulgarian-American musicians will perform with the 20 piece Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra. They include soloist and guest concertmaster Kamen Vatchev (member of the Illinois Philharmonic and Northwest Indiana Symphony), long time LCO violinist Iordanka Kissiova, and Ivelin Miankov (former Principal Viola, Razgrad Philharmonic). Mr. Miankov has assisted American Music Festivals in organizing a number of successful cultural exchange programs with Bulgaria including collaborations with the Razgrad Philharmonic (2000), Dimitar Nenov International Piano Competition (2008), and the Varna International Arts Forum (2009).
American Music Festivals has worked with many ethnic communities in Chicago. In 2010 it partnered with the Bulgarian-American Heritage Center to present “A Celebration of Bulgarian Culture in Chicago” at Northeastern Illinois University. This concert event featured the LCO, piano soloist Victoria Vassilenko (Sofia), Dance Ensemble Horo, and the Bulgarian Folk Orchestra Kolorit. It was formally acknowledged by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and attended by former Bulgarian Consul General Valentin Donchev.
Sponsors for the June 30 concert of Bulgarian and American music include Bulgaria Sega,, and the Bulgarian-American Heritage Center. This concert is the first ever orchestral program featuring Bulgarian classical music in Chicago, promises to bring the Bulgarian-American community together.
The Village of Skokie is renowned for its diversity, and this program celebrating Bulgarian-American friendship will be American Music Festivals debut at the Skokie Theater. It has identified the venue (just next door to Lincolnwood) as a perfect location for its cultural exchange and interdisciplinary programming.
Tickets for the upcoming June 30 Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra concert of Bulgarian and American music are $15, and are available at the Skokie Theater Box Office, 7924 N. Lincoln (773-598-4549) or on line at
For more information about American Music Festivals visit

Ако желаете може да изтеглите постера оттук | ИЗТЕГЛИ

Mission “Dallas and Houston”


Mission trip to Dallas & Houston | ИЗТЕГЛИ ТОВА ВИДЕО

Prayer and Praise Conference 2012 Schedule


Prayer and Praise Celebration &
Church Workers Conference

Bridgeview Church of God

Location: 7845 W. 71st Street, Bridgeview IL 60455

Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd 2012

Guest Speaker Dr. T. L Lowery

Focus: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Worship Celebration

Friday March 2nd 2012

6:00p-6:30p   Intercessory Prayer Meeting  Pastor Arthur Guice

7:15 Celebration

Presiding Bishop James Gambill

Welcome Bishop & Mrs. Busby

Praise and Worship             Bridgeview Church of God

Special Singing

Announcements Bishop James Gambill

Introduction of Speaker Dr. Wayne C. Solomon

Sermonic Solo

Ministry of the Word Dr. Thomas Lanier Lowery

Altar Service Dr. Lowery

Benediction Bishop Oswald Nelson

Saturday March 3rd 2012

8:00 -9:00am Registration and Refreshments

9:00am Devotion

Session 1

9:30-10:50 Taxes, Health Insurance Rebates,

Retirement for Ministers CPA Bill Addison

Music Ministry that produces Worship:

Rev. Stacy Blackburn

Breaking the 100 barrier

(Churches with attendances above 50 but

under 100) Bishop Christopher Lewis

Session 2

11:00-12:20pm Prayer that brings Transformational Revival:

Pastor Arthur Guice

Firing up your Youth Ministry:

Rev. Kimberly Thomas

Strengthening a New/ Small Church

(Churches with attendances of 2-50)

Bishop Oswald Nelson

Women’s Ministry Session

Sister Monica Solomon

12:30-1:50 LUNCH $10.00

2:00-3:20 Session 3

Taxes, Health Insurance Rebates,

Retirement for Ministers CPA Bill Addison

Breaking the 200 barrier

(Churches with attendances above 100 but

under 200) Pastor Rob Ramirez

Successful Children’s Ministry

Rev. Jennifer Thorsen

3:30-4:30 Worship Celebration Guest Speaker Dr. T.L Lowery

Registration is FREE!!!!!!!
Freewill offerings will be received.
All Pastors, Pastors Wives, Ministers, Ministers Wives, Church Leaders, Workers and potential Workers are invited.

Spirituality – How much low and pure we are


Sermon preached on January 8th, 2012 by Pastor Mario Hristov

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Four Deceptions and a Miracle


Sermon preached on December 18th, 2011 by Pastor Vladimir Georgiev

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Christmas Concert and Drama


Bible and Science

evolutionСкъпи Приятели,

За всички вас, които проявихте изключителен интерес към библейските уроци за Библията и Науката, и за тези от вас, които нямаха възможност да присъстват, Тук ви предоставям обобщената информация.

Дякон Звезделин Спасов

Women and Domestic Violence


The problem of domestic violence is widely spread in the society that we live in today. Does God really care and is He interested at all? What does the Bible tells us about the nature, causes and consequences of violence and abuse within the family.

This is a WOMEN’S MEETING. The main speaker is Borislava Pashova. She holds a Masters degree in Social work and has a current practice in social services in Cook County Hospital.

All sisters from all ages are invited to come at 6:00 PM, Saturday August 13th, 2011.

The Reality of Heaven and Hell – Part1


Sermon preached on July 31th, 2011 by Pastor Mario Hristov

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Spiritual World – Doors


Sermon preached on July 10th, 2011 by Pastor Vladimir Georgiev

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