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Our initiative started during the 2008-2009 school year. The main objectives are preserving the Bulgarian language and culture among the young generation of our ethnic community in Chicago. The efforts of the founders were driven by a vision of raising children proud to be Bulgarian, whose roots can be traced far back to our beautiful and precious home country. We believe that by creating such an opportunity, we will raise a generation of young Bulgarian individuals, fully aware and appreciative of their ethnic heritage, rich history, and cultural identity.We deeply desire to bring up individuals who can integrate successfully the values of two cultures and at the same time be conscious as to whom they are and where are they coming from. Our educational efforts far exceed mere academics by striving to teach children high moral standards and excellence.


Our goal is to establish a foundation of knowledge about Bulgarian language and literature.


The curriculum includes the following disciplines: reading, writing, Bulgarian History, Bulgarian Geography, Bulgarian Demographics, Person within environment, and Person within the context of Community. Students in our school obtain proficiency in their native language.


We are using a variety of educational approaches tailored to students’ ages and needs.  Some of them include play, drama, role plays, and singing. The school educational program is based exclusively on the Bulgarian Board of Education guidelines.
In addition, the program is accredited by the Board of Education; therefore all classes are transferable to the educational system in Bulgaria and students who return to Bulgaria to reside permanently do not need to retake the classes taken here in Chicago.
Financially, we are self-supporting through collecting a symbolic enrollment fee and donations made by participants and their families.


We are offering education from 1st to 9th grade. Our classes are offered on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. Children attend school with great desire and passion and the knowledge that they acquire is equivalent to the knowledge of their peers overseas. Along with basic education, students receive social skills, team work, drama, and art skills training. They love reading, writing, and enjoy spending time together creating solid friendships. They are developing studying habits while learning to be independent and self-sufficient. We are preparing individuals with strong decision making skills, well-equipped to become highly functioning United States citizens and proud members of the Bulgarian Community. These achievements are a product of well-prepared, highly professional teachers, and their inspirational efforts.


The educating methods vary from individual educational plans to diverse group class activities. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered, such as singing lessons, classical guitar, piano, flute lessons, and art.
Another exciting opportunity for our children is the possibility to become part of the competition “Bulgaria in My Dreams” under the initiative and leadership of the National Agency for the Bulgarian People Abroad.


  1. Българският език през първите седем години – Важен или Не?
  2. Въведение Богородично – Ден на християнското семейство и християнската младеж.
  3. Българско Училище “Нов Живот” и Рождество Христово. – 12/22/2009
  4. Знаем всичко за празниците: „Свети Валентин” и „Трифон Зарезан”. – 02/22/2010
  5. Да съхраним мечтата за България. – 04/24/2010
  6. Leaders of the Bulgarian National. – 11/1/2010
  7. Thanksgiving: To Whom and For What? – 11/22/2010
  8. Thank You! – 12/20/2010
  9. The Miracles In My Life. – 12/20/2010
  10. Съвременните семейства. – 1/3/2011
  11. Как  да запазим детското щастие. – 1/17/2011
  12. Да помним за да не се повтори. – 1/31/2011
  13. Какво добро направих през 2010 година? – 2/7/2011
  14. Какво е любовта за   теб? – 2/14/2011
  15. Запазване на майчиния език и културно богатство на българските деца. – 2/21/2011
  16. Koя е “Баба Марта” и безобидни ли са мартениците ??? – 3/3/2011
  17. Българчетата в Чикаго помнят своята история и борци за свобода. – 3/6/2011
  18. Как поддържаме връзка с приятелите. – 3/21/2011
  19. Какво е за мен Великден. – 4/24/2011
  20. Пробуждане. – 4/24/2011
  21. 24-ти Май. – 5/24/2011
  22. Чудото на Първия Учебен Ден. – 9/12/2011
  23. Международен Ден на Учителя. – 10/5/2011
  24. Моето Българско Училище. – 1/22/2012
  25. Какво е Любовта за мен. – 2/13/2012
  26. Младите Таланти от училище “Нов Живот”. – 3/3/2012
  27. Приказландия в Българско училище „Нов Живот“. – 3/27/2012
  28. Заедно можем да постигнем повече, отколкото поотделно сами. – 6/1/2012
  29. Последен Училищен Звънец. – 6/1/2013
  30. Светът през детските очи. – 6/1/2014
  31. Как празнуваме Рождество Христово. – 12/20/2014