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Същността на молитвата

Послание от Сашка Евгениева, 3-ти януари 2016 | ИЗТЕГЛИ ТОВА ВИДЕО


Свидетелство от Пастор Томи Караколев, 28-ми юни 2015 | ИЗТЕГЛИ ТОВА ВИДЕО

Church of God Protests Terrorist Violence

From the Office of the General Overseer

Church of God Protests Terrorist Violence

The world was shocked this week as the news surfaced of 21 Egyptian Christians having been brutally slaughtered by Libyan extremists who identified themselves with the Islamic State (ISIS). Dr. Mark L. Williams, general overseer and presiding bishop of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) issued the following statement:
The Church of God extends its sympathy and the assurance of our prayers to the families of the 21 Coptic Christians who were martyred by Islamic religious zealots, and deplores the actions of those who have unfeelingly committed these horrendous and unthinkable acts.We stand with people of faith throughout the Christian world who condemn the savagery exhibited by these who have adopted the violent tactics of their fellow religionists in other parts of the Middle East.We applaud the response of the Egyptian government in mourning those who have died and in calling for swift action against the perpetrators, and we call upon the U.S. government to proclaim in no uncertain terms the determination to do all within their power to protect the lives of Christians and peaceful practitioners of faith wherever they worship.

Video accounts show the 21 Christians being marched to a beach on the coast of Libya, accompanied by a similar number of Muslim fighters, made to kneel, and then beheaded. The young men could be seen praying as they knelt. As the murders began, all of them together shouted, “Jesus, help us!”The 21 were Coptic Orthodox believers, part of one of the most ancient forms of Christianity, whose traditions claim their church was founded by Mark, one of Christ’s 12 disciples, in Alexandria, Egypt. The church flourished for half a millennium, until Islamic forces invaded Egypt and forced conversions. Today an estimated 8 million Coptic Christians live among 82 million majority Muslim Egyptians.Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has reportedly called for an urgent meeting with top Egyptian national security officials to take steps to protect Copts, who have recently been in the crosshairs of persecution in the country.

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Remembering Persecuted Christians

From the Office of the General Overseer

Remembering Persecuted Christians
A Minute of Silence and Prayer
Sunday, February 22

Dr. Mark L. Williams, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God–Cleveland, TN urges all of our churches to join with Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the largest Hispanic Christian organization throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora to observe a minute of silence and prayer reflecting upon the persecution of Christians worldwide, especially the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians murdered and their grieving families.  In a joint statement, Dr. Williams and Dr. Rodriguez state,

“The massacre of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS speaks to an agenda of terror, hatred, intolerance and violence that must be addressed by all individuals created in God’s image. We must repudiate all acts of terror; without exception.

Recognizing that today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity, as followers of Christ we recognize that silence is not an option, and call upon all Christians on Sunday, February 22 to allocate a minute of silence followed by a prayer reflecting upon the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians murdered and all others who have lost their lives at the hands of terror, as well as their grieving families.

Further, we call upon the President of the United States of America and Congress to specifically address the persecution of Christians by ISIS, Islamic totalitarianism and regimes in the Middle East; and call upon the United Nations to convene a summit on Christian persecution around the world.

Correspondingly, we stand convicted and convinced that terror and intolerance cannot, and will not, extinguish the light of God’s grace, truth and love. For at the end of the day we stand upon the promises from Scripture, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for doing right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs” (Matthew 5:10); and “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ” (Matthew 16:18)”.

NHCLC/CONELA is the largest Hispanic Christian organization. It serves as a representative voice for the more than 100 million Hispanic Evangelicals assembled in over 40,000 U.S. churches and another 500,000 congregations spread throughout the Spanish-speaking diaspora. For additional information, visit

Additional endorsements from:  Southern Baptist, Pentecostal Holiness, Assemblies of God, Q-Conference, Mark and Roma Downey, CBN, James Robison.

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Лили с делфините

Lili’s prayer: “God, please heal me, so that I can run, jump and swim with dolphins”
Молитвата на Лили: “Господи, моля те излекувай ме, за да мога да тичам, да скачам и да плувам с делфини”…
Благодаря ти, Господи

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Проповеди от Конференцията на Българските Евангелските църкви в Америка – Минеаполис 2014

Проповед от Пастор Илия Илиев, 24-май 2014

Проповед от Пастор Росен Спасов, 24-май 2014

Проповед от Пастор Владимир Георгиев, 24-май 2014

Проповед от Д-р Доний К. Донев, 24-май 2014

Женска Сесия, 24-май 2014

Светлина за живот

Скъпи Владо и Диди,

Пишат ви Мария и Здравко от служението за хора с физически увреждания в София. Надяваме се с Божията помощ да сте добре и с Неговата сила да преодолявате изпитанията.

Бихме искали да споделим с вас два клипа за работата ни с хора с тежки физически увреждания. Всички те са в тежко физическо състояние, приковани на инвалидна количка или болнично легло. Някои от тях  са без близки,  роднини. И в този труден момент „Светлина за живот„ се опитва да бъде протегната ръка и да носи надежда и сила чрез Господ Исус Христос.Насърчени сме, че Бог докосна сърцата на някои семейства на наши клиенти и кръсти със Святия Дух.

Огромна е милостта Му.Няколко последователни години нашето служение няма гарантирани финансови източници.Много пъти сме се питали дали и как ще продължим, и сме опитвали отново и отново верността Му. Поглеждайки ретроспективно назад, изумителни са различието на формите и начините за Неговата грижа.Всяко добро е родено от Него и е за Негова слава.

Изпращаме ви две интервюта с наши клиенти.

Бъдете благословени и Божията протегната десница да ви укрепява и закриля.


Мария и Здравко


Оттук може да свалите Януари-Април 2014 г. Информационен Бюлетин.

Лили чете

Свидетелство на Ангел Георгиев

Свидетелство на Ангел Георгиев, 12-ти януари 2014